Buccal fat pad removal chicago

Buccal fat pad removal is a cosmetic surgery where a portion of the buccal fat pad is removed to reduce prominent cheeks. This procedure is also referred to as buccal fat pad reduction, or cheek reduction surgery, since it is not advisable to remove the entire fat pad. The buccal fat pad is a distinct area of fat in the posterior region of the cheeks which is adjacent to where the molars are located in the mouth. The fat pad also extends into the temple region and below the central cheek to the pterygoid region (the back of the upper jaw). However, the central region is where the manipulation takes place. This area of fat is different from normal fat in regards to its consistency, or genetic makeup, as it is very fibrous and encapsulated. The buccal pad is located between the buccinator muscle and the superficial muscles of the face. Reducing the size of this buccal fat pad can provide slimmer cheeks and a better contour of the facial features


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