Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)

Aging causes our skin to become thin, our ligaments to become weak, and our fat to bulge. As a result, the smooth contour of our eyelid is altered. The fat around it bulges and the skin sags, which contribute to an aging look. With eyelid surgery, the excess skin is removed and the bulging fat is redistributed, thus sculpting your eye area and tightening weak ligaments.

Our eyelids are the first part of our body where aging is seen. A combination of bulging fat, excess skin, drooping brow, increased wrinkles, and loss of bone volume are the causes. The procedure can lift droopy tissue, tighten loose tissue, and remove excess tissue. In addition, when combined with dermal fillers or fat transfer, the procedure can also replace the lost volume of the bone around the eye area.

Several factors cause dark circles around the eye. These factors are excess eyelid fat that bulges, loss of bony tissue volume of the cheek under the eye, and the shrinkage of pigmented skin. Eyelid surgery can reduce all of these factors, creating a brighter eyelid and eliminating eye bags.


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