The facelift, or Rhytidectomy, is the third most common facial plastic surgery performed in the United States. As we age, crow’s feet become visible near our eyes. The near-invisible lines on the forehead become prominent, and the jawline sags. Some people experience the emergence of a “second chin.” Unfortunately, we must all deal with these negative aspects of gravity that come with age.

Choosing to get a facelift offers a boost in both appearance and self-esteem. We have the technology, it’s up to you to learn more and make the next step into a more youthful you. Our Beverly Hills Facelift® can do wonders for your face, taking years off and tightening loose folds, and can also be combined with a number of other procedures for an overall rejuvenated, younger look.

Other procedures that might be performed in conjunction with a facelift are brow lift and eyelid surgery to rejuvenate aging eyes. Fat transfer or fillers may be suggested to replace the lost fatty volume. Skin treatments such as IPL, dermabrasion, peels or laser may be offered to improve the quality and texture of the skin.

As a restorative surgery, a facelift does not change your fundamental appearance and cannot stop the aging process.


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