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We offers a range of treatments to address your face, skin, hair, and body concerns. All of our treatments are nonsurgical and some are completely non-invasive.


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From the moment you step into our gorgeous, light-filled space in the heart of Merillville, you will feel the exquisite care and attention to detail that defines every aspect of our practice.

You will be warmly welcomed by our all-female staff to complete our streamlined, paperless check-in process. Stop at our beverage station to grab a coffee or sparkling water before you settle in to our living room-style waiting room. Enjoy the urban feel and tree-lined views through our…


Dr. Rakesh N. Parikh, MD

Dr. Rakesh Parikh is a primary care physician with expertise in nonsurgical and surgical aesthetic procedures, as well as skin conditions.
His path to treating skin conditions began from his own experience, knowledge, and treating patients as well as continued education. Dr. Parikh’s decade-long performance career refined his artistic approach to aesthetics.

Dr. Parikh obtained his medical degree from India on a merit scholarship.
He finishes his residency in Pediatrics as fellow and moved to the United States.

He graduated as a Board Certified Family Physician, as well as an Emergency Medicine Physician. He accomplishes his dermatology fellowship and skin cancer fellowship through the Australian Dermatology society.

Dr.Parikh’s longstanding passion for medicine translates into his everyday practice, as he treats his patients with genuine care and concern, and is strongly committed to providing patients with medical care that are based on each patient’s unique needs.

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Lakeshore Dermatology is considered one of the top MiraDry practices in Meriville. One of the first to offer this innovative underarm sweat & odor reduction treatment resulting in experience performing hundreds of treatments.


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